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About Growers HQ

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The best available products and services are what you have come to expect from Growers HQ. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers. In fact, a substantial portion of our business is with repeat customers, both greenhouse expansions and additions to various systems.

Growers Headquarters

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Growers HQ is a greenhouse design, manufacturing & construction company based in South Africa. We serve the whole of Southern Africa as well as many countries in Africa with the highest quality greenhouse structures as well as greenhouse accessories, providing full turn-key solutions.

Greenhouse Structures


A variety of greenhouse structures are available for your growing needs. We offer products right from the lowest to higesth technology structures according to the crop you are growing, on which scale you are growing on and your projections. Growers HQ offers 5 series in our range currently, including the Sirenic Series, Terraform Series, Palladium Series and Plexus Series.

Greenhouse Systems


Growers HQ offers a large selection of greenhouse accessories to help you extend your growing season and better manage your greenhouse growing environment. Choose from irrigation, ventilation, fans or even climate/environmental control. Growers HQ also has energy efficient supplemental lighting and light deprivation for your greenhouse structures.

Greenhouse Extras


Mediums, growing vessels, growing systems, bench systems and even seedlings. 

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