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Greenhouse Structures

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At Growers HQ, we use the highest quality steel from our supplier, one of the most established companies in the South African Steel Industry. We send our manufactured steel components to our dedicated hot dip galvaniser, a member of Hot Dip Galvanizers Association of Southern Africa. This ensures maximum quality and durability of your structural steel and anti-corrosive properties that lengthen the life of your greenhouse structures. 


When you buy a new greenhouse building from Growers Headquarters, you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind that your building will deliver optimum performance and stand the test of time.


We now offer a 5-year product warranty and 25-year structural warranty (inland) to assure you of the quality and structural integrity of all our buildings. Both of these warranties are a built-in part of the quality service we provide and come as standard on all new buildings purchased from us.

Sirenic Series

Palladium Series

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Growers HQ Sirenic Series are relatively low-tech greenhouse tunnels usually covered in a 200 micron polyethylene or 40% shade net. The tunnels are mostly used in small commercial applications and are great for growers seeking to isolate crops from one another. A variety of designs are available that suit the needs and budget of growers.

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Palladium Series from Growers HQ is a mid-high tech greenhouse structure that is perfect for the grower with crops fetching higher prices. The custom design will aid the growers in creating the perfect environment for the crop, while technology plays its part in keeping the environment at a constant level for maximum yield. Petrichor is a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather - a testament to the beauty of the structure, while still embracing nature.

Neoteric Series

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Neoteric Series Greenhouse is an easy growing solution perfect for home gardens and restaurants. It includes extractions fans and has automatic solar opening ventilation windows. It also has irrigation which is linked to a timer. This timer gets connected to your hose pipe creating a semi-automatic greenhouse for your convenience.  Please contact us for more information.

Plexus Series

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Growers Headquarters Plexus Series are our highest technology greenhouses. They hand the grower the peace of mind that their crop will be taken care of by automated systems that reduce labour errors and costs. The structures are able to to support such functions as supplemental lighting, light deprivation and automatic environmental control systems. These structures are for very high value crops and are recommended for growers who have a lean staff structure and higher budgets.

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