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Growing Extras

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Growers HQ supplies all kinds of growing extras such as growing pots, growing mediums greenhouse benches, greenhouse shelving, plant racks, greenhouse wagons, trellising, seedling trays, and propagation mats, to name a few. Our dedicated team of manufacturers as well as our suppliers assist us in providing full turn key solutions for your grow operation.

Pots & Medium

A range of pot sizes are available as well as a variety of medium from our most trusted suppliers are used for optimal growth of your crops. Research into the product you wish to grow makes it a seamless process to set up your greenhouse.


Greenhouse Benches

We supply a variety of bench options, including rolling benches to maximise space and modular static benches to save on costs.



Trellising helps creeper crops reach their full potential and provide maximum yield through economic, intelligent and sustainable methods.


Seedlings & Plants

We are suppliers of seedlings from reputable sources and can assist with pre-ordered volumes according to your needs.

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