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Greenhouse Systems

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A wide variety of systems can be arranged for your greenhouse grow operation from Growers HQ. From basic irrigation and ventilation to fully automated high technology environmental control systems, you as the grower can enjoy peace of mind that your plants needs will be taken care of.

Irrigation & Fertigation Control Systems

At Growers HQ, we offer customised irrigation and fertigation systems that suit your growing needs. Careful management of water and nutrients combined with recycling the drain water in your greenhouse will strengthen your business both in the short and long term because it will help you to reduce total fertiliser input, save costs, optimise the growth of your crop, secure the availability of sufficient and clean irrigation water, secure the availability of a sufficiently wide range of plant protection and protect the environment.


Growing Systems

Growers HQ offers a wide variety of growing systems to assist in the growing process. Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Vermiponics are all available. There are six types of hydroponic systems (Drip System, Ebb & Flow, N.F.T., Water Culture, Aeroponics, and Wick), with the Ebb & Flow and NFT usually being the most popular. Aquaponics uses fish (usually Tilapia) as a means of fertilising your plants while cleaning your water, one of the more sustainable methods of growing. Vermiponics is a method that is popular with people who do not wish to use these fish.


Environmental Control Systems

Environmental control options can aid the grower by automatically adjusting temperature, humidity, and light intensity from within the greenhouse or from a remote location. An environmental control system will improve plant life within greenhouses by providing a constantly monitored atmosphere, producing a more uniform product.

Greenhouse environmental control systems can be automated according to the growers specifications. Greenhouse accessories are automated in stages corresponding to the growers selection and plants’ needs. These systems provide maximum benefit by providing the ability to contol irrigation, control ventilation, adjust fertigation, adjust temperature, adjust humidity, control light intensity, irrigation & fertigation control and monitor the atmosphere.


Supplemental Lighting & Light Deprivation

Automated systems such as smart controllers monitor many variables. For example, a control system monitors indoor light levels, and will turn on the supplementary lights accordingly. Based on the time of day, it could also close the greenhouse light deprivation system based on set parameters.


Black-out systems can also be operated based on indoor temperature and seasonal conditions. In this way, the grower has a huge amount of control over the indoor environment and light levels. While automation does add significant cost, the return of many crops in a year allows for a very high ROI and quick payback.

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